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The DMM Championship is now open. This is a new competitive event that old-school RuneScape players will be able to join. RSGOLDB2C can help players achieve better results, Buy Runescape Gold, the price is very affordable, you can get better gaming experience.

This competition is also included as part of Jagex's #PlayApartTogether program for the gaming industry

The one-month tournament will open at 1 pm May 1, 2020. All players start with brand new characters and strive to upgrade as soon as possible. As usual, DMM occurs on dangerous PvP servers, and when players are killed, they will lose substantial progress.

After the opening ceremony, the top 2,000 contestants will enter the live finals on May 30, where they will compete until there are only 256 players left. Then, the last 256 will participate in the 1v1 knockout until the winner appears.

In addition to the player awards listed below, Jagex will also donate £25,000 to its three partner mental health charities, CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust, and Rise Above The Disorder, as its support for its work in the Coronavirus pandemic Part of the £100,000 promise.

The prizes are as follows:

First place: $1,000, The Razer Ultimate Bundle (Basilisk Ultimate + Huntsman Elite + Firefly V2 + Nari Ultimate), Intel i9 9900k CPU, Intel SSD, Intel Swag Bag (Hoodie, T-shirt, mouse mat), 1 Year School School RuneScape membership

Second place: $500, Razer BlackWidow Elite, Intel SSD, Intel Swag Bag, 1-year-old school RuneScape membership

Third and fourth place: $250, Razer Kraken Ultimate + Base Station Chroma or Viper Ultimate + Gigantus Team Razer, 1-year-old school RuneScape membership

5th to 16th: RuneScape membership for 1-year-old school

Last year, when developer DCS ended its inquiry about “immersive and addictive technology”, developer Jagex was under fire. Take RuneScape as an example. One of the players accumulated more than 50,000 pounds of debt.

Although it is not traditional gambling like non-gaming casinos, some video game mechanics have been criticized for promoting similar addictive behavior patterns among its players.

In recent news, Jagex was sold for $530 million.

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EA Sports' "Madden NFL 21" trailer faces severe criticism. At present, the number of likes on YouTube videos is 16,000, while the number of likes is 41,000. If you read through the reviews, most people are looking for improved versions of the franchise model and MUT Coins.

Fortunately, on Tuesday, EA Sports released the Gridirion Notes franchise model in Madden 21, but the results were not good.

To be fair, the improvement of Franchise Face is indeed very interesting. EA Sports does this, so you can start a career in high school, play games in college, change positions, merge and choose NFL storylines. All of these are great. When the game comes out, I will look forward to "Face of Franchise".

But the functions of the franchise model (if you can even call them) are basically just patch updates.

Madden 21’s first two projects revealing franchise characteristics are to include a new X factor, and the playoffs have been updated to have a wild-life playoff round that expands in real life. Other updates include improvements to rookie contracts, abilities, development traits, in-depth maps and script plans for fictional coaches.

All of these are minimal improvements. In fact, it seems that most of them can be updated in Madden 20 with a simple patch fix.

The franchise model used to be the main content of the Madden video game series. You can spend countless hours building the team into a dynasty. This is the main reason why some people think of Buy Madden Coins. But as Madden Ultimate Team became more and more popular, the franchise model function began to disappear year by year until fans got a self-made version.

The features in Madden 21 seem to be the worst version. After Madden announced, the fans noticed.


Since its launch in 2001, Runescape has undergone tremendous changes. Developer Jagex launched Old School Runescape in 2013 to allow players to relive the glorious era of the sleeveless character model and the complete loot PvP.

That is to say, if you have already seen and completed all the functions provided by Runescape, then you may be looking for brand new content of MMORPG type. provides players with a large number of high-quality OSRS Gold to help players provide game efficiency.

Fortunately, we have collected the best games, such as Runescape, which provide their unique charm, compelling game system, and social community, so that you can find new games forever.

There is no substitute for Old School Runescape. If you are looking for timeless isometric perspectives, purely skill-based leveling systems, and high-risk PvP, then you may have to wait a long time.

My personal favorite is Old School Runescape. I usually choose to Buy RS3 Gold on which is fast, safe, and reliable. This is reminiscent of the early nostalgia of this type. Besides, there are servers created by players that can provide something for everyone.

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