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That was a good read. It's been quite a while since those things occurred. I remember the time we had the clan wars from the wilderness, the rectangular building in the east. I. However runescape has changed, that RuneScape gold is definitely correct. The present state of the wilderness is really depressing, so some change is needed, I believe everyone can agree on that, irrespective of what shift it is.Also with innovation and BIS products, losing that gear and perks is just not viable, you could be losing months of progress. Long were your dclaws as the item.

I must agree that this system will reduce the high-end pking drops, you won't smite a nox weapon, and I don't see regain price, even at 200 percent, moving beyond 20m. However I expect that's offset with more people to pk, and those people carrying more than one item together. The only 200m kill a month vs a couple of 2m kills an hour, for example.And while this does not shield luring completely (giving someone completely targeted for ED1 a teletab to the wilderness and killing them there's still a possibility), at least they will end up a few mill down instead of their bank gone. Dying skulled with a sos and just tect without protecting any of these would be an fall.

I read the arguments and I understand that the present system + eoc is poor but I dont think this is the correct solution. Mainly because if this shift happens whats likely to make folks take t80-90 within the present dirt cheap t70-75? All of this change is gunna do is make them take more than 3 things (4 with protect item) t75, it's slightly less pvp damage reduction that issues more than armour rating. So what this can be for people doing combat, they keep their drops and pay barely anything for it, and skillers who dont take anything cover ~100 gp to maintain everything.

If I were doing wildy slayer, I would likely take my BIS weapon, also slayer-specific legs and body, similar to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold. Those would be. Currently I'd be too scared to receive skulltricked and smited to bring my BIS weapon. Additionally, LotD, AoS and other gear readily adds up to 1.2m outside the wilderness and also my afking has proved twice now, which might equate to a 2.4m drop for the pker.Now if you're really after power coaching, wildy slayer is the best option.
It is correct that runescape player counts are decreasing, but I believe OSRS gold is not really representative of their overall runescape playerbase (e.g. one runescape player can log in and yet another can log, where the number displayed on the RS site wouldn't change in this case), believing that runescape players live in different time zones and also don't play every single day.

I've submitted this data on the RS forums about 2 months before, so I'll paste it below. The number in brackets is the current number of subscribers listed for that particular month, which will be marginally lower than that which I submitted 2 months, as a few subscribers get permanently banned (such as botting or whatever) or become F2P (consequently removed from the Hiscores).Say what you will, but I think that it is better to see more readily verifiable info (i.e. anybody is able to view this information for themselves). However, Jagex could make it easier for the runescape players and supply subscriber numbers. I meanthey had been providing weekly numbers of accounts prohibited in OSRS and RS3.

Should you count bots and multiple accounts now, we prob have actual runescape players. Just let that sink in. Those numbers from the graph include fake runescape gamers too.Honestly this chart says more about OSRS compared to RS3. It's simple to say Mobile brought in runescape players that weren't expected to stick around for long, but when the OSRS concurrent runescape player count continues to fall under pre-mobile days (it probably will), then you know there is more to the story with OSRS's issues.

If you're here reading, I assume it is because you are to buy RuneScape Mobile gold also disgusted with MTX clinics and the patronization of our community by jagex. We have heard you don't care, and do not care that you don't care if you don't care. The goal of this post is available ended discussion into our valid choices as a community.We for a community are at a very dire place.
I doubt it's that although I'm in favor of RS3. It is likely more sadness because the runescape accountant and game they loved taken RuneScape gold away from them, the community split, and both versions of this runescape game aren't what people would've probably wanted or anticipated. RS2 was still in an alright place before RS3 dropped and had much better strategies for boss drop tables in the time which I believe OSRS ought to have thought more. OSRS has completely made skilling irrelevant in that feeling. Similarly we all know the issues with RS3.

However I have to say I really do want others we come try an RS3 Ironman if only on heritage. I haven't gotten to play with in a while due to price, but an RS3 Ironman going to get a pursuit cape is among the most streamlined, fun ways to play Runescape imo. Many men and women hate the keys and everything which is clear, however the few keys you get from finishing each pursuit along with the bonus XP that comes with them really does create the mill more manageable for runescape players without as long as others. For me personally at this phase in my life that I can not justify spending. 20 hours clicking about the same skill to not even max it.

Not to be a downer, but the entire reason I was eager for movement changes was that PvM could actually feel good and not only be a habit of playing around tick motion. I really don't require movement to become smooth and receptive when I am only running through a city doing a quest, I want it to be responsive when I'm dodging a place based attack in ED or some thing. If the principal reason for all of the hype for the shift is still not being addressed and is actually going to become an exception to the new standard with all the modifications, which seems kind of counterproductive. I would possibly just like to keep everything the way it is currently in that case, so that things are constant and I can marginally possess an intuitive sense of the delay.

I was and still kind I'm excited about the notion of such a fundamental facet of the runescape game being updated as that is the type of change I truly believe RuneScape needs for long term longevity and has been largely ignored (with the exception of bank rework to buy old school rs gold, that was amazing and that I very much appreciate), but that seems like a half measure that might not be well worth the trouble and could backfire when people learn it isn't likely to assist PvM at all. I suspect that's what the majority of us were actually hoping for and got so hyped about if we watched the trailer at Runefest, and I wonder if you're not setting up for another wave of community disappointment and backlash by not being more explicit about this aspect of the changes.
Although a lot of people unfamiliar with the game may not take Runescape seriously, this name still has a huge, committed community and lots of OSRS gold and massive creators. The remaining earnings normally come from a"premium account" in Runescape that unlocks additional content in the free game. Interestingly, Jagex only earns 10 percent of players. Around the same time, a number of them choose to spend money.

The player mentioned in the report of Parliament, who invested about 50,000 lbs on Runescape, forced the community to come back to discussions on micropayments. As it turns out, the controversy began in 2012 and has not stopped to this day.Runescape appears to use precisely every micropayment model we have seen in video games up to now. From lootboxes a premium accounts, to RunePass taken living from Fortnite. To make things worse, a lot of the micropayment isn't only products. The community on this issue is unanimous, and Jagex is now in the spotlight. The business has been watched by the press, the report spread rapidly through the internet. The question is if the artists will provide in, feeling that the eyes of parents, or will they continue to wade into aggressive micropayments.

RuneScape players assembled to demonstrate dissatisfaction with the team. Following the report that the gamers paid Microtransactions give up the game to £ 50,000. Which caused family income to eliminate a whole lot of money.We have been approached by a group of individuals. Said an adult man made lots of money from paying Microtransactions up to £ 50,000 (Translated into Thai money about 1.9 million baht) to the online game RuneScape, developed by the English match group Jagex.

After checking each of the bank accounts of the man We discovered that one day This individual paid (for RuneScape) into £ 247.95 (about 9,500 baht) using up to five different payment methods. This event caused significant financial damage for both the participant with RS Mobile gold and his parents.After the report by the UK Parliament, DCMS gave the RuneScape community a remark. And criticized the Jagex group, in which one participant said that the system difficulty Microtransactions Of the stated game It is not. However, is an issue that has accumulated for several years And there is no attitude the Jagex staff will take care of the problem .
More runescape cartoons, you should make! I think this really is A shortcut for quickly boosting your followers with OSRS gold, o' mighty surrealist! Contemporary day Salsadora Bali!! A five minute rs animation with different regions of Runescape world and a rich colorful surreal perspective on many of the well known game mechanics can snare many thousand rs players glued to your channel and get them entertained!Wow, the nostalgia is incredible. Runescape was my whole youth, started in'07. More than 270 days into Runescape and shaped a number of my greatest lasting friendships throughout Runescape too. Learned how to sort playing it. I've not ever played with a more meaningful game in my whole life. (Also grinding for skilling has been nuts. .)

Where is the part about staking in the sand casino afterward quitting for good once you eliminate bank then become an alcoholic because runescape was the only escape from reality, social anxiety and being miserable? How on earth did you manage to simplify Old School Runescape pictures? Also fantastic job making this vid, I am pretty sure this was everyone's experince when first playing, including me. Except for the buying gf part, I never did that.From the many years I have played with Runescape. It only gets much worse. Do not get me started on the quests or system!

I recall I saw a man killing something using a rune scimitar and that I had an adamant scimitar, so I thought that looks cool and asked if he wanted to trade his rune scimitar for mine plus an adamant battleaxe. He accepted and I believed 40 strength is enough to use it and it obviously wasn't, so that I literally went to barbarian village and killed barbarians for a complete week to receive my attack to 40. Very good times.Its pretty incredible how much an ultimate content creator has arrived. Wonder how many individuals are motivated to perform Runescapemode just because of your videos recently. Way to earn the manner a whole lot less dead hopefully with just how a lot more people we have playing with we find new procedures to do bosses/skills.

Yo dude, love your content, especially the Morytania just UIM series. Seems like other folks in the comments love that also. Just wanna sayI believe that you could likely include more from that travel in the content you publish and therefore have the ability to release more information. You could take us along on a single whole loop of the route to actually give us the impression of what it is like cheap RuneScape Mobile gold. I know that might seem boring for you and you're the creator so that it's finally your say, but it really appears to be a lot of people desire more Swampletics. Just as a super easy generalization, if you include 1/100th of your playtime in your videos rather than 1/500th that could maybe be a way to make that happen! Another example could be temple hiking. I've never done that before, and visiting an entire temple trekking course could be interesting! Just some food for thought, love you no matter what and keep going!
He could consume from RWT'ing. Youpromoting and're accepting this ilegal action in sport. It is for a good cause with RS gold, but that doesnt take away the fact that what you did should get you banned. Why could Jagex have special attention for you if they prohibit every"normal" participant by rwt or boosting it?? It's not farmers that bot detection poor and Jagex worry about. It is fact that Jagex hazard merchant standing with credit card processors. Reason that they care. Back commerce limitation come this why. They can't tell if bot or not and ban farm that is gold because detection poor. They prohibit macro not acc sharing.Jagex has falsely banned every account I have made on OSRS for botting/macro usage and because I can not allure the bans & don't want to continue making new accounts and above because of this, they have lost my business a paying member and a longtime player since 2005...

All I have are these YouTube movies till they choose to finally get their shit together and actually prohibit the spiders rather than real players like me.Let's be fair, I don't believe there was any true sick intent giving this bad man some gold to feed his family. Sure there are other measures that could have been taken so he could transfer money directly but it's also possible he was not thinking of these measures at the moment. Let's not attempt to paint him as this bad person who"inderectly affirms" these things once we do not understand all the details of the story. I am giving the benefit of the doubt to this guy and I think you should also for helping out this poor guy in need.

My first acc got ban couple of months with that acc I could help my family A LOT!!! And I dont repent get ban for it I understand is against the jagex rules... Now I got another acc almost max cb and seeking to do cox and tob:D... Dont all venezuelans only farm or utilize bot on plants that are green or revenants simply saying LOL.

It doesn't really matter with RS Mobile gold, it is sucks they're in the situation however, it doesn't give you the right to break rules or to trample over others. Jagex has the right to allow it yes and anybody would take action if it meant survival (no one could starve over selling runescape gold) but you are responsible for your activities. Should you violate your account and the rules becomes terminated that's just a part of the game you are playing. Not for great reasons, but folks might get the idea when you mention the number of money people make on avg.
Among my hobbies is understanding game design, and you'd be rubutting the greatest game design criticism I had: The Skinner box issue in the event that you really knew anything about it yourself with RuneScape gold. Since you do not know what it is, you read the wikipedia article on it or should probably watch a youtube videos. If any investigation breaks down you can say it is a trivial sum. For instance, $100 dollars a week is just $0.001 a moment, arguably barely anything in any way, but it's nevertheless a ludicrous subscription fee, exactly like the $120/ year Runescape prices; for essentially no expense to themselves whatsoever. And don't say it's for moderators or servers, since anyone who has ever run something as straightforward as a Minecraft server could understand it costs next to nothing; and not remotely close to $120/year/person. Back when I playedit was just $5 a month, and even then it was a price gouge.

About pricing everything you need, It's possible to argue, but the fact of the situation is the same:better services are provided by Other matches then Runescape WITHOUT as registration AT ALL. The MMORPG Guild Wars two gives out about 80 percent of it's base-game material for free, and If you want the rest, it is a flat fee, and not a subscription you need to maintain.If you are looking to grind, try"Universal Paperclips", a completely free idle game that's entertaining and intriguing to play all of the way till the end.And since you stated you didn't actually read some of my great criticisms, you might have too confessed they are true. Be my guest, if you're able to actually rebut them.

Would It be worse without it? -Would the game be better without grind? In that case, then why is not it? Why is there a lot of bots? Is it perhaps because you are made by the game in living machine? -In what circumstance is being a Skinner box? Why are a few drop charges so low? Aren't there more organic techniques to present scarcity?I have more, but those are the ones I thought about while writing this. You are going to attempt to assert 1 criticism of mine, and if you're only skimming again, let it be this:Why is it ok for JAGEX to utilize Skinner boxes and other sorts of manipulation to make money off vulnerable players? This response was broken by me up more because you scare.

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"No, I skimmed your response to my comment you because you'd gone on a massive pointless tangent. I watched the nonsense all and read your criticism it comprised. You misread and misinterpret to try to portray any merit in your argument, won't you? I don't find myself very interested in reading your giant wall of text answers as unorganized as they are, particularly when you start off your paragraph with such a statement.You understand exactly what, your comment actually looks interesting to see now, I like that last touch. I didn't want to break off your comment too much since you n't responded to the others despite several points they made. Do not look as if you wanted a conversation that you wanted to whine.
There are bots because it is a game. Runescape is a powerful game, and the things have actual world value. Individuals are drawn to money, so they'll bot to acquire gold to sell for cash with RS gold. Such a person will be banned and others doesn't influence too much, although some people also bot to level up their accounts. Why are several drops ? I really don't know why you have such difficulty understanding. I wish I could describe economics to you but I believe you just reading up on it because this is long.

Well, I don't know what to tell you, I'm not researching psychology. I play lots of games that are indie also I have a steam library of games and a lot of these are of. I can't tell you about a few imaginary addiction nonsense you think I play with the sport over other MMORPGS, the game is all about, just. I will freely play and quit playing Runescape whenever I want and I've played with plenty of MMORPGs. Black Desert On The Web, but it's quite pretty but it's lacking in depth. The quests are good since the whole game is based around combat from what I have seen.

Another MMORPGs also lock most of their areas behind a degree requirement which you need to grind out on mobs to get. I really don't see how that's better than Runescape, and quite honestly it is a lot worse since you're able to explore most of Runescape even as a level 3, even in case you do risk dying. There is also lots of grinding in the sport, but it is not even fun in almost any stretch of the imagination. Along with this, they basically add botting for a characteristic of this game, which I've seen other games do too so I don't see how you can point a finger in Runescape like it's the only one that would suffer from botting.

I play Runescape as it's a fun MMORPG, not since I want to out of some ridiculous craving.Well there you have it. A detailed reply, difficult to misinterpret any of it. There's at least one thing I'd like to hear from you since you've peaked my interest if you do not read the rest of this remark. A better alternative to drops with cheap OSRS gold. I assume that they'll really just be some system of loot you've seen in another MMORPG, or perhaps some new special idea from some indie games rather than your own creation. I am still interested to hear it in the event that you truly do have ideas.