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For OSRS players, there are countless interesting activities for you to participate in. One of the most interesting activities - Treasure Trails. Buy RS Gold at RSGOLDB2C, which can make your treasure hunt more smooth. At the same time, we also collect player loot.

There is no specific location where the scroll will take you. You may find yourself traversing the entire world of Runescape, depending on where it was sent to you. With this in mind, please make sure to transport and transfer when possible to save some time and effort.

Also, you may need to complete certain tasks to access the area that the scroll bar takes you to. With this in mind, make sure you continue with all tasks that may hinder your progress in "treasure tracking." When you receive clue scrolling, you will notice their difficulty levels at the same time. The treasure level has six different difficulty levels; beginner, easy, medium, difficult, elite, and master. You may encounter many difficulties, which may cause a lot of trouble with your people. However, please note that there can be no more than one scroll at the same difficulty.

If you want to conduct treasure tracking regularly, you will want to know about STASH units. These units are short for "store things here" and are used to store anything you need to maintain inventory space while at the same time you can find treasure. There are a total of 107 units, usually disguised as objects such as shrubs and crates.

If you want to check the progress, you can use the "Treasure Tracking Statistics" function. Also, if you own a house, you can view the adventure log. Depending on the number of scrolls you complete (from beginner to novice, then explorer, treasure hunter, expert, elite, master, and finally legend), you will earn a level. Remember, you must complete more than 2,000 clue scrolls to get legendary status, but all of us must start somewhere.

This is all you need to start hunting on the OSRS treasure hunt. If you want to kill creatures or use related skills to bring yourself where you need it, it should not be very difficult to put your hands on them. Now, you should be more prepared than the treasure hunters who are going to start the legend, so please look for those books!

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The DMM Championship is now open. This is a new competitive event that old-school RuneScape players will be able to join. RSGOLDB2C can help players achieve better results, Buy Runescape Gold, the price is very affordable, you can get better gaming experience.

This competition is also included as part of Jagex's #PlayApartTogether program for the gaming industry

The one-month tournament will open at 1 pm May 1, 2020. All players start with brand new characters and strive to upgrade as soon as possible. As usual, DMM occurs on dangerous PvP servers, and when players are killed, they will lose substantial progress.

After the opening ceremony, the top 2,000 contestants will enter the live finals on May 30, where they will compete until there are only 256 players left. Then, the last 256 will participate in the 1v1 knockout until the winner appears.

In addition to the player awards listed below, Jagex will also donate £25,000 to its three partner mental health charities, CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust, and Rise Above The Disorder, as its support for its work in the Coronavirus pandemic Part of the £100,000 promise.

The prizes are as follows:

First place: $1,000, The Razer Ultimate Bundle (Basilisk Ultimate + Huntsman Elite + Firefly V2 + Nari Ultimate), Intel i9 9900k CPU, Intel SSD, Intel Swag Bag (Hoodie, T-shirt, mouse mat), 1 Year School School RuneScape membership

Second place: $500, Razer BlackWidow Elite, Intel SSD, Intel Swag Bag, 1-year-old school RuneScape membership

Third and fourth place: $250, Razer Kraken Ultimate + Base Station Chroma or Viper Ultimate + Gigantus Team Razer, 1-year-old school RuneScape membership

5th to 16th: RuneScape membership for 1-year-old school

Last year, when developer DCS ended its inquiry about “immersive and addictive technology”, developer Jagex was under fire. Take RuneScape as an example. One of the players accumulated more than 50,000 pounds of debt.

Although it is not traditional gambling like non-gaming casinos, some video game mechanics have been criticized for promoting similar addictive behavior patterns among its players.

In recent news, Jagex was sold for $530 million.

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Runescape developer Jagex reported its full-year performance today. Their performance is indeed very optimistic, and the key indicators have grown for the fifth consecutive year.

Revenue increased by 19.4% year-on-year, reaching £110.9 million in 2019. From this, the operating profit reached a staggering 48.9 million pounds, with an annual growth rate of 4.5%. This growth exceeded last year’s outstanding efforts. Thanks to the popularity of Runescape, the transaction volume of Runescape Gold in well-known RSGOLDB2C stores has risen sharply. Buy Runescape Gold, we provide players with various affordable prices.

Throughout the year, the total number of subscribers of Runescape increased by 500,000, reaching a record high. As Runescape enters its 20th anniversary, it seems to only grow again. This is undoubtedly good news for the new owner. The company changed hands for $530 million in April.

This year, the company also released the mobile version of the game as the early access version, which will further increase the number of players. In addition to financial success, Jagex also pointed out that the total number of employees increased by 11% to a total of 377 people, and there was an almost constant number of hires in MCV/DEVELOP.

"As we transition to multi-product, multi-platform studios, we will continue to enhance live game services and seek to expand their availability to more devices, release platforms, and more potential players in regions. We will also increase investment in Further development, which includes our talent base, technology, new games, seeking distribution opportunities, and establishing strong partnerships with like-minded companies. It is a great honor to work with Jagex’s outstanding talents, their hard work, and The dedication and our excellent participants are the pillars of the company’s success."

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For now, Runescape's 2007 refurbished version may be facing death. One of the reasons is that Jagex does not take care of the free game robot farm. The other is that they don't care about the remake. RSGOLDB2C will report more information for you, learn more news and Buy Runescape Gold, We are worth your choice.

The old-school Runescape was released by Jagex in 2013. The game is a complete restart of the 2007 version of the game, and this version is widely requested by its closely connected community. The current game version Runescape 3 has been losing its player base for many years. Thousands of players have now abandoned this game due to a series of wrong actions by developers. Errors such as ridiculous micro-transactions and the complete change of the combat system led to its demise.

Old School Runescape has once again attracted the return of countless players. There are more gap versions and better player bases, which have great appeal to players. "If Jagex cannot quickly repair the F2P robot farm, we will soon have no new players pouring in."

And he is right. For novices, the F2P robot farm is a headache. Automated accounts (often called robot programs) are taking over every method of making money or tricks provided by Runescape's free world. Jagex's inaction makes players feel desperate. If Jagex can't solve this problem as soon as possible, then these players may not come back.

In the latest news, two weeks ago, Jagex was acquired for $530 million. The ancient Runescape community is frightened. The last time Jagex was sold, their favorite games were flooded with unwanted microtransactions. What will happen this time? Will they do the same thing? Who knew they could even unplug the Old School Runescape? These terrible speculations have now overwhelmed osrs subreddit. Follow, this is a very good RS Gold platform, we can provide you with the Cheap OSRS Gold you want, Buy RS Gold, and provide you with quality services.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, people have been using games to kill time. Some people resort to console games. Some people resort to computer games, while others resort to mobile games. Many people have been waiting for the release of new games, such as "Last of Us Part 2", "Ghost of the Horse" and so on. But due to geographical restrictions, many veterans of the game world have returned and started playing games that have long been forgotten by the world. The old-school RuneScape is one of the gems in the game world and has a special place in the hearts of players. If you are a new player who has just entered this game, then you may need some help. Buy Runescape Gold at can effectively help you master this game.

The Runescape is an MMORPG that occurs in the mythical fantasy kingdom, which is divided into kingdoms, regions, and cities. Without a linear story, players can go on their adventure by killing monsters in the vast open world, trading, and making crafts. RuneScape is a medieval fantasy MMORPG developed and distributed by Jagex Game Studios. It is one of the longest-running MMORPGs, There will be more and more new players entering the Gelinor world.

When starting the game, the player is prompted to perform his/her avatar. You can choose a variety of hairstyles, facial hair, and colors. Although it is not a system like Swordsman that can rule freely, it can provide enough diversity to differentiate itself from other adventurers.

Players do not actively allocate skill points but perform actions to acquire skills, for example, by harvesting ores in quarries to improve mining efficiency. As skills improve, players have more ways to obtain raw materials or use more combat abilities. The most impressive aspect of RuneScape is always its huge skill system. The more times a player performs a task, the more likely you are to perform the task.

Coins or gold coins, "GP" is the main form of currency, almost universal currency, because they are accepted by most NPCs, and are the currencies used by major exchanges. All other currencies can only be used in their specific locations. Only trading bars are comparable to gold coins because their use is much more limited than the use of gold coins, so they can be used to buy and sell items in multiple places and trade with other participants.

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If you own Twitch Prime and are a RuneScape player, then it’s time to try purple. Jagex announced that RuneScape players with Twitch Prime service are eligible for various rewards, including premium currency packages that include 200 RuneCoins, 15 Treasure Hunter keys, and 40 Hearts of Ice and OSRS Gold.

Of course, the rewards are much more than that. This is a four-month transaction that starts when someone connects to their account, which means that new content is available every month. In the first month, Twitch Prime subscribers obtained the above items. In the second month, they will receive a 14-day RuneScape and Old School free membership. The third month is about cosmetics, so you have to stay at least this long to get purple. Also, the fourth month is almost a sought-after bag. People who persist for so long will get three shadow boxes with random items.

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The elf's singing echoed in the old-school Runescape. The game is the biggest update ever, and it brings you some benefits: giving away free RS Gold, allowing players to enter the legendary elven city of Fifidinas, and completed a 17-year exploration journey. However, despite having access to all new content, some older players still have different concerns.

The reason for this concern is that a series of graphic adjustments will affect the facial features of many popular NPCs. At the core of the current dialogue is Elena, which is a conference of human beings and plays an important role in many tasks related to the "Song of Elves" series.

Elena has been around since 2002 and even caused great fun (as far as OSRS is concerned), but with the new update of the game, she has undergone some major facial reconstructions. Officials bring some free benefits to everyone. They often choose "Buy OSRS Gold" on
Prayer -- Sigh. I truly want RuneScape gold to really have a training method outside hammering bones and scattering ashes. I'd like this to be the"hybrid" battle class, employing all 3 sides of the triangle but cope typeless damage. As usual, it would be 15 degrees below the tier of weapon, but not needing to switch weapons would be nice (believe the reforged Sunspear, but one version). Skillcape perk prayer points as time passes.

Ranged -- Ranged as a skill actually doesn't need too much touching up. To reiterate from Fletching, though, I want a tier 70 weapon which doesn't degrade and needs no ammo (as the Staff of Armadyl and godswords allow for nondegradable, ammoless battle ), in addition to a shielded crossbow as an alternate to a shieldbow. Skillcape perk: Snipe now shoots at 1.2 seconds.Summoning -- The entire system has to be reworked. Cut the amount so that gold/green charms are level combat/skilling respectively, and make it, and red/blue charms. You could instead have low level start with golden, then green, then red, then blue throughout the skill. Skillcape perk: Every shard has a 5% chance to be saved.

This article's a little shorter this week, as there's just a couple skills to go over. These modifications aren't very likely to happen in another 5 decades or so, as they are rather balanced as is in runescape. I can see a rework of Summoning and perhaps Prayer within this time since they are the difficulty children of the battle skills, and I can definitely see Summoning visiting 120. I anticipate Evolution of Combat 2, although it may have quite a while. Have a great whatever!

Eurogamer has a long article titled"After RuneScape's contentious 2019, Jagex plots'deliberate and direct' changes for 2020." The first half of this piece mostly rehashes what Jagex has been up to for the majority of the decade, focusing on the microtransactions that have been inserted to cheap OSRS gold during that time along with their less-than-warm welcome out of runescape players.