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The science fiction novelist H.G. Wells wrote in his novella "Time Machine" that the matter of time travel does not seem to be complicated. His eponymous machine is made of "brass, ebony, ivory and translucent shimmering quartz". If you only have the right tools, it is like a mechanical device that can be pieced together in real life. To travel for thousands of years, all Time Traveler needs in his story is to pull the right joystick and twist the right knob on the machine.

Just like the classic science fiction story, the journey through time and space in Animal Crossing: New Horizons feels relatively simple. There is indeed no puzzling hacker: just enter the system menu, adjust the "Date and Time" setting, and then select the Animal Crossing Bells and time you want to use. This may be the closest time for us to experience all the wonders of time travel. This phenomenon in the new horizon has now been accepted by the public. Keep going and earn your fortune.

Through time travel, players can participate in various tricks: play the radish stem market, catch outdated fish and insects, or cross hybrid flowers in the blink of an eye. However, irresponsible time travel does have consequences. Your fruit will rot in a few minutes. Some villagers will feel neglected and leave your island-it seems that they no longer exist due to the passage of time. Your house will see unwanted guests in the form of cockroaches, and your island will soon be infected with weeds, which lowers your island score. Although its influence is quite modest in magnificent things, these events are somewhat similar to the old-fashioned and more important methods of space-time exploration in the sci-fi genre.

The consequences of these time-travels in New Horizons are shadowed by the butterfly effect, where small changes may cause earthquake changes in unpredictable ways. Jumping too far, trying to catch valuable off-season creatures, you may find that valuable radish stocks are rotten and worthless. Regardless of being addicted to a dull bell, New Horizons’s misfortunes will ultimately not change the island in the manner of Buy Animal Crossing Bells, which is the same as the author of the novel Ray Bradbury (Ray Bradbury). "A Sound of Thunder" is different.

In this short story, when a hunter accidentally stepped on a butterfly while traveling far away, the world experienced subtle and significant changes. For example, even the spoken English used in the alternative universe is slightly different from the current version of Hunter. Of course, players can also feel the changes in the game on the IGGM website Buy Animal Crossing Bells.


Frankly speaking, everyone's animals traverse: COVID-19 on New Horizon Island is now full of miracles.

Do you see how bad Dodo Airlines works? It didn't even read anyone's temperature. In any case, it is best to follow these guidelines and stay safe, be vigilant, control Animal Crossing Bells, and peep through the UK until everything passes. However, this raises an important question: which animal should you isolate yourself from crossing the villagers?

There are many options for this thing. In fact, so much that I have to impose restrictions when narrowing it down to a reasonable choice of candidates. I think this restriction is a wise choice: I can only choose one from each different villager species. In a sense, this is like cutting Noah's Ark in half. But remember: this is my personal list. If you want, you can tell us in the comments which villager you will isolate yourself from.

Hazel is very cold, it is a squirrel with a single eyebrow. She reminded me that I am also a cold person, and absolutely gay, with only a single eyebrow. For this clear reason, she is on this list; I have isolated myself and can continue, but if I am a squirrel, then we should move on like cheese and biscuits. This also means that she will forgive my rude behavior, which almost became my personal characteristic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tank is the cutest rhinoceros I have ever seen. He is the only rhino I have seen, but I don’t think it will reduce this emotion. The favorite thing about Tank is the way he waved goodbye with his hands and all his enthusiasm. More than once, Tank made me shed tears because he was so cute. The tank makes me feel alive, actually healthier. I will never get tired of him.

Leopold is a good person. However, Tory doesn't like it. Perhaps the best is the fantasy of Champagne socialism, and the worst is the fantasy of the Liberal Democratic Party. I really don't think there is any animal crossing journey: New Horizons villagers (except Chops) may be Tory. Very good, because I can't stand Tory's isolation. But what about a fancy lion who may be complacent but asks to build a school and wants to be a professor? Yes, I think I can solve it. If not, I think I will go to Buy Nook miles Ticket, which will definitely help me solve the problem.

To attract some museum experts to join my “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” museum tour, I had to turn my living room into a temporary streaming studio on a recent Friday afternoon. One of them has a copy of the game; the other does not. Therefore, I need to support the computer to capture as much TV as possible.

In the end, I found Animal Crossing Bells, three board games (Tokaido, Betrayal of the House on the Mountain, and Gamma World) and a very large artwork about coffee beans. I would not say that this is an elegant solution, but it works to a certain extent. I sat on the side of Joy-Cons, practicing my best tour guide voice.

Two faculty members from the School of Natural Sciences at Drexel University will soon join me. Botanic curator Dr. Richard McCourt called from a home office, which was decorated with humble art and a messy wooden table. His colleague, library assistant Kelsey Manahan-Phelan tried to join me in the game, but due to connection problems, she had to solve it from the video conference in her apartment kitchen.

This setup is troublesome, but I hope that these trained scholars will perform the same review on Blathers, just as he collects fossils, fish, and insects every day. They are happy to fulfill their obligations. Dr. McCourt smiled the first time he saw Brathens’s bow tie.

Before they arrived, I had collected four fossils and planned to donate them to the museum. Manahan-Phelan said that following the operation of the early museums, ordinary people were more likely to be donors. She told me that collectors of 19th-century natural science specimens are usually doctors and pharmacists, and their involvement in curation is a hobby. After retiring or dying, these amateurs will donate their collection to the museum. The museum where she works is like that. She said: “We were founded in 1812. In fact, only a few people in the attic of a pharmacy store got together and said, ‘Hey, we should do this.”

My guests said that these days, non-scientists donate to the Natural History Museum less and less. Even if it is only for a slightly original purpose, the donation will still happen. McCourt said: “We conducted a fossil or specimen roadshow, people brought bugs or fossils, bones or any wild plants into here, we will try to identify them.” “But we are doing educational Things, we will try to emphasize this point. One thing we have to do is try to serve the public in this way. “When Blathers shares information on the samples brought by the players, he will play almost the same role. Museum faculty and staff regard education as an equal effort for research or protection.

He emphasized another reason modern museums discourage individual donations. “Sometimes, you may collect too much knowledge or kill animals to destroy nature.” They prefer clear photos attached to emails, such as the entire tiger skin or a box of bird carcasses. They will not appreciate the 200-pound blue marlin pulled from your island pier, but McCourt still appreciates Blathers’ dedication.

When I pulled out the wasp from my pocket, my guests were disgusted with Blathers. Even the meticulous collection of verified amateurs does not necessarily translate into scientific value. McCourt suggested that anyone with dragonflies and tarantulas should consider emotional value. Nintendo introduced CJ and Flick into the game. The beaver and chameleon partner does exactly this: trade your catch for detailed copies to decorate your house. The things in the museum are of emotional value. Many things are not available to us in the game. If you want to have the same thing in the museum, you can go to the IGGM store buy animal crossing bells to get your own emotional value things.At: .
The release of Nintendo Switch hit songs coincides with our collective quarantine time, and the people who keep us happy in terms of music, comedy and athletic ability are spending hours evading reality on their new island. They have been fishing, picking fruits, decorating interiors, and repaying loans to Tom Nook like the rest of us. Some players use Animal Crossing Bells to repay their loans. Therefore, since there is basically no real-life travel, we visited several celebrity islands to see where the magic happens.

In April, the restaurant owner in Los Angeles published his recipe “Trejo’s Taco Recipes and Stories.” Distribute essentials such as food and diapers to Angelinas in need during the pandemic and help feed hospital staff. A documentary about his life-“Prisoner 1: The Rise of Danny Trejo” will be released digitally on July 7.

If we are all known as consumers of pop culture, it is that when Danny Trejo appears on our screen, he will play a recognized villain. He not only played bad guys in movies and TV for decades but also played a tenacious street gangster, survived the nuclear disaster, and in such as “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City”, “Radiation: New Vegas” “Nazi zombies were killed in video games like”. And “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” Trejo said: “I don’t like to shoot people to kill people.” “I did this in the movie, just for the plot.”

It sounds strange, but Danny Trejo and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” paired perfectly. Since the beginning of “New Horizons” in late April (his tweets announced his island surged, forwarding over 39,000 tweets and 253,000 likes and counts), he gradually learned the soft charm of animals traveling through the world. Obviously, when my plane entered Trejo’s airport, in the playful and role-playing spirit of the game, when Danny urgently cut off my question to provide some important information: “Please put your table back in place Upright posture. “

Theo, who is actually Danny’s son, introduced his popular music to the world of “Animal Crossing”, and soon made the new gameplay popular with the public. “Actually I was involved in this matter,” Trejo said. “He said, ‘Hey, you look at this game.’ Then I tried it. The problem is, once you try it, it’s like saying:” Oh, yes, I can make something ... oh, wait a moment, I will pick up these sticks ... No, I have to pick up these oranges. “... Once you start, you will have a lot of things to do! ‘ “Although these are fun for some players, I have to admit that some players will find it time-consuming, but don’t worry, we can also buy items in the store will provide convenience for players who do not want to trouble. Link:
To complete your Animal Crossing: New Horizons art collection, you need to wait for Redd to travel to your island, browse his merchandise, and see the right side through his recognition technology in order to spend Buy Nook miles Ticket on the right On the painting. This used to be a rather arduous process, but a new application easily cleared your art collection.

Redd provides more than 40 different artworks. You need to collect 10 pieces to complete the relevant tasks. Redd usually arrives on your island every two weeks, requiring you to play Animal Crossing with high frequency for nearly six months to complete the Nook Miles mission, and it takes two years to complete the collection. Cheating may be your only way to complete the set in time. Who does n’t want all the artwork? Just like the real world museum, you can finally have your own museum tour in Animal Crossing.

If you haven't encountered a cunning fox, please follow our guide on how to unlock Redd to remedy. After unlocking Redd, he will visit your island from time to time to sell his goods. If he is not on your island now, use time travel to advance your clock one day at a time until Redd appears.

 To travel regularly, quit the game and go to the Switch ’s system settings. There, click on the "System" option and then select "Date and Time". Turn off the "Synchronize clock over the Internet" option. Continue to travel for a day until Redd arrives. After Redd appears, check his inventory. You can use our guide to identify real works from fake colleagues. If Redd has what you need, please buy it. Do n’t worry if you do n’t. His visit will not be wasted. Write down the date in the game, then save and immediately exit the title to completely close the game.

Use time travel again to push the time forward one day. Reopen animal crossing: new horizons. Collect art, donate art and do other things at the beginning of a new day. After completing the task, save the game, and then close the software again. Use time travel to return the date Redd appears. Say hello, Redd will have a brand new option. Repeat steps 4 to 8 until you finish the museum or feel the time to travel within the gui.

If you are not interested in developing games, you can get other benefits. Try to fix recurring failures in new projects, such as previous products. If you want to have the props you need, you can visit at: , you can easily repair the fault. You can also walk in hard-to-reach places such as water or roofs. If you are willing to violate the rules, anything is possible.
New in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" soon sold 3.9 million copies in the Japanese domestic market, making it the best-selling game of Nintendo Switch in history, surpassing the previous record holder Animal Crossing Bells, which is attributed to The majority of loyal players.

According to the monthly sales data provided by Famitsu to, "Animal Crossing" is the best-selling game in Japan in April, with 1.29 million copies sold, and more than a few new versions, including "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" ( Final Fantasy 7 Remake), this version sold 839,000 copies.

Not surprisingly, Nintendo became the top-selling publisher for the fifth consecutive month, transferring 1.6 million games and generating revenue of 9.25 billion yen (US $ 86.4 million). This means that Animal Crossing accounts for four out of every five games sold by platform holders.

It is worth noting that "Pokémon Company" is calculated separately in Japan, with sales of 68,207 games in April. Combined with Nintendo, more than 2 million first-party Switch games were sold in April.

In comparison, Square Enix is ??the second largest publisher, selling 1.03 million games. The arrival of "Final Fantasy 7 Remastered Edition" and "Magic Experiment" has promoted its development, which has helped it generate 8.75 billion yen (81.8 million US dollars) of revenue-this is the second publisher's highest monthly income in five years .

Both Square Enix and Nintendo are far ahead of the third best-selling publisher Capcom, and due to the launch of the Resident Evil 3 remastered version, their circulation has only been reduced by 300,000 units. Nintendo accounted for 38.7% of all game sales, while Square Enix accounted for 36.6%.

A total of 3.6 million games were sold last month. This is a slight decrease from the 4.5 million sold in March, but it is still much higher than in February. Switch accounted for 56.8% of all software sales, of which more than 2 million games were transferred, and 1.5 million for PS4 accounted for 42.4%. Despite the shortage of supplies, Nintendo still dominates hardware sales, as the Switch and Switch Lite sold a total of 314,931 units, of which the standard models were slightly ahead. The console accounts for about 65% of all hardware sales. PS4 only sold 166,150 units, including more than 50,000 PS4 Pro game consoles.

Physical game products generated 37.1 billion yen in April, an increase of 137.8% over the same period last year. Software increased by 186% to 23.9 billion yen, while hardware increased by 82.2% to 13.2 billion yen. Since the strong performance in March, this is the first time in May and June 2018 that both software and hardware have experienced year-on-year growth for two consecutive months.

A big factor in the selling of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is the animal bells in the game. It is an important part of the game. It can be used to buy various props and items to make the game more interesting. If you also want To experience this feeling, go to IGGM,link now!

After the first fishing competition in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I began to dream about sea bass. I dreamed that I would participate in a real fishing competition when I was a kid, but every time I lifted something, no matter what kind, I would shout loudly.

I caught the most fish in the game, but in the end everyone was so annoyed at me that they refused to give me a bonus. They hate this joke. me too. In new horizons, bass and Animal Crossing Bells are usually common. If you see large shadows in the water, it may be perch. They are everywhere throughout the year. Every time I see a big shadow, I feel excited and wonder if it will be a shark! But every time I am disappointed, the result is perch.

Nintendo knew this disappointment. Since "Animal Crossing: Wild World", people have been joking about the prevalence of this fish: "I caught the perch! No more! This continues to Animal Crossing: Urban Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaves. New Horizons, Nintendo never gave up! A pun, that's where C + appears.

New Horizon local writer Rob Heiret (who wrote this joke) is also tired of it. Heiret posted a Twitter topic this weekend to explain the joke. He said that he initially used C for production, but changed during the development process.

It was pointed out that when people are joking, people will see many, many times, but they are disappointed that they did not capture something better. Perhaps it is best to turn it into positive, Heiret tweeted. "It was replaced by C +."Heiret explained that although it seems that they removed the "bass", the joke is still the same, but it still relies on the homophones of Buy Animal Crossing Bells and "C" to change your view of animal descriptions.

His point of view is that Nintendo has been working hard to create new horizons, "become the most positive, comfortable and fun game we can do", and even the sea bass joke that tortures players. And it does. I mean, if they are different, the game will not be the same, right?